ZOSANG Machine

      High efficiency equipment

      JGZ-60-Intelligent paper cover forming machine

      Intelligent paper cover forming machine


      This machine is used for slitting and rewinding various large rolling materials such as paper, (kraft paper, cellophane paper, bill paper), double-face adhesive tape, PVC, plastic material, etc.

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      ZOSANG Machine

      High efficiency equipment

      BZJ-70Paper Cover Packing Machine

      Paper Cover Packing Machine


      This machine is suitable for cutting big rolling packaging materials such as paper, paper plastic composite, color printing,Color printing adhesive、Non-woven fabric. Thin film.etc truncated large drum material. Widely used in paper products processing industry, printing and packaging industry, etc.。

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      • About ZHONGXIANG

        Case study

        This machine is suitable for producing
        different sizes of paper straws

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      • Professional Manufacturers

        Paper Cover Molding Machine

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      Zhejiang ZOSANG Machinery CO.,LTD. is a set of rapid development in scientific research, manufacturing, sales and service in one of professional manufacturer. In all the hard work of people with Down Under, through constant innovation, the introduction of professionals, the company in the fierce market competition, a firm and quickly developed. We have always insisted that "quality



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